FINAL PRAYER farewell show @SO36, BERLIN.


First time I saw FINAL PRAYER was in 2011 when they played as guest bands for the farewell show of TEAMKILLER, I was starting to come often to Germany due my relationship with my husband, back then my boyfriend. That show was cool and I got caught by their energy on the stage. Months later saw them for second time at SUCKS&SUMMER fest ’11, another killer show. Then in some way due mutual admiration, me for their music and them for my photos, we clicked. Last year FINAL PRAYER played a show in the village where I live here in Germany, show was not many people but all those who attended and the band had fun. Some months ago FINAL PRAYER got into a stand-by due their frontman Stephan suffered an accident. The band announced couple months ago they say goodbye and wanted to play some last shows to their supporters and friends. So I wanted to be at any of those shows and caught with my camera that special event. Here you are what it was that show in Berlin in a very cool and familiar atmosphere, supported by their brothers of bands like THE DETAINED, AYS, EMPOWERMENT and RISK IT!, these two last ones who are my favorite hc kids and bands that I most take pictures since I live over here.

Thanks again to all the FINAL PRAYER collective, specially to Florian, for the good time and hospitality at the show, for being such nice people and a band with always something to say.

Enjoy the photos!


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