In 2009, some of my girl friends and me started to organize a hc-punk festival to empower the women in the scene. The main aim is to stand against discrimination and show our reject to patriarchy impose in this society and that sadly the hc-punk scene is victim too.

Last time I took part of the festival was in 2011 in the 3rd edition, in 2012 I moved to Germany due my pregnancy and my husband so I missed the last 3 edition of this festival. But this year some months ago my ladies surprised me with some money for buying a flight ticket to Barcelona so that way I wouldn’t miss another edition of this fest. It was such a nice thing from them and I am still grateful they did this for me. So, I went to Barcelona for this event. I took part again with organizing stuff and also taking pictures, though I left my beloved canon 7D at home in Germany, one of my friends and ex bandmate, Elena, lent me her camera CANON40D with a sigma 24-70mm 2.8, which is a good combo.

The festival was also kinda like a class meeting, I could meet several of my friends from Barcelona that I was long time no seeing because when me and my family every year after the new year’s celebration, so I meet just with my good and close friends. Another cool thing about this it was that the show was at ESTRAPERLO CLUB DEL RITME, that venue has been a place where I have seen lot of my favorite bands like HOT WATER MUSIC, AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL, TERROR and lot more bands, and even I played couple times with my  ex-band there. So being at this venue brought me cool memories and meeting the Estraperlo’s crew was so cool too.

Here you are the some photos of the almost all bands played, I missed the last one PERRAS SALVAJES, because the camera battery was off, problems you face when you have not your equipment with you. ;P

Check out the complete photo album click here: FEMME SOROLL FEST 2015



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